Educational Outreach: Lesson Plans

Experiments related to ND EPSCoR funded research have been developed by ND EPSCoR researchers and their graduate students for use by selected fifth and eighth grade rural K-12 teachers. The experiments have been taught to the teachers, and the teachers have been provided with some equipment and materials needed for them to carry out the experiments in their classrooms. They are now being made available for anyone to use.

Lesson Plans:

  • Fifth Grade Experiments booklet (Download PDF | MS Word)
    • Unit One: Weather (CRCS research related)
      • Hurricane Path
      • Building Weather Station Measurement
      • Cloud Particles and Cloud Formation
    • Unit Two: Sustainable Materials (CSMS research related)
  • Eighth Grade Experiment booklet (Download PDF | MS Word )
    • Unit One: Weather (CRCS research related)
      • Cloud Particles and Formation
      • Watersheds and the Urban/Rural Inference
      • Greenhouse Effect
      • Forecasting the Weather
    • Unit Two: Sustainable Materials (CSMS research related)
      • Helpful Hydrogels (demonstration)
      • Fermentation in a Bag
      • Shampoo Sequence