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Impacts of Sub-daily Temperature Variations around the Freezing Temperature on A Hydrological Model using Macro-scale Snowmelt Simulations

By Ashley Rone Water supply research predictions are essential for agriculture, recreational, and environmental tasks in North Dakota. North Dakota’s unique climate is important for water security research conducted on snowmelt fluctuations in freezing temperatures. The information collected from macro-hydrological models helps identify dependable water supplies in the state and other similar geographical regions. North […]

The Importance of Shelterbelt Density

By Jenna Peneueta-Snyder Shelterbelts are vital to retaining soil nutrients and reducing wind caused erosion. For communities dependent upon agriculture, a decline in shelterbelt density can mean a decline in healthy soil and crops. During the 1930’s much of the land in the Great Plains had been cleared and converted for agricultural purposes. The excessive […]

The Value of Partnerships

By Jenna Peneueta-Snyder, Ashley Rone Interdisciplinary collaborations through the Center for Regional Climate Studies (CRCS) are key for the expansion of research at North Dakota universities and colleges. These collaborations have lead to some very successful projects and working relationships within the CRCS. The research partnerships that have developed incorporate various disciplines such as agriculture, […]